Directions for Paper Training a Puppy

1. Place several layers of newspaper in a place which is separate from where he sleeps or eats. Be sure it is a good distance from his water dish as well. Once your pup has eaten and had a drink, take him to his papers.  Additionally, you will want to take him to the papers first thing in the morning (and the final thing at night).

Try to make it about the same time each day.  Bear in mind he also has to be taken to the papers after  he  plays hard, chews, or comes out of his crate.


indoor Dog Potty

2. Important: Change out the papers after each time your pup utilizes them. Under the fresh papers, put a lightly soiled one. In this way, your puppy will associate a scent, so it will be easier to go potty.

3. Clean underneath the papers with an odor neutralizer. *NOTE: If you fail to do so, your puppy will smell his scent on the floor and start sniffing around the edge of the paper. That’s not desirable! You want to keep the puppy ON the paper and using some type of odor neutralizer will make him stay focused on using the bathroom on the paper!

4. If your new puppy makes a mistake, clap your hands to startle and distract him from what he’s trying to do. You don’t want to terrorize him – just startle him so he’ll stop urination. Now pick him up and redirect him. Once he’s finished, be sure to praise your dog.

5. Don’t go crazy if your puppy urinates or defecates off of his papers. It’s best not to raise your voice,as you’ll only scare him.  He doesn’t understand that – remember, he is just a youngsterlike a baby.

So don’t think to punish him by yelling, or worse yet, rubbing his nose in the poop.  He’s new at this, and just needs to learn without fear being a factor.

6. Do not use an ammonia-based product for clean-up.  Urine contains ammonia; therefore, it will appeal to your pup and you know what could happen!  If you are worried that there could be a permanent odor to your floor (or stain) simply put waxed paper underneath the papers – or use UGODOG Indoor Potty  

7. Be consistent with your training. Best to put your puppy on a schedule. If you change the schedule or go on a vacation, your pup will get confused. This is what I meant earlier about “due diligence” on your part.

8. Keep watch over your puppy.
Never, ever leave an untrained puppy alone in your house! Best to have pup cordoned off, or confined to a certain part of your house during the paper training.

9. Be sure to carry your pup around to different areas of your living space, and say “papers!”  He’ll get used to the sound of your voice, and tonal quality – so make a concerted effort to be consistent in how you speak the words.  Be firm. Okay, next carry him back to the papers. This will train your puppy to go to the papers whenever he needs to relieve himself.

Paper training a puppy

requires consistency, diligence, and a lot of patience!  Yes, a little common sense too – i.e., always clean up the mess right when it happens. You don’t want your pup to recognize the smell and identify it as a place to go to the bathroom, in the future.

With a little patience and due diligence, your puppy will come to know what you wish him to do. It will become like second nature to him, in fact.

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