Today I’d like to provide you with some free resources on           How Do I Select the Right Dog for my Family?

dog selection

which I hope will prove useful.

Additionally I’ll give you a list of 10 websites, books, videos or PDF’s on the care of your new best friend – your dog.

First of all, it’s important to realize that you need to bfe “leader of the pack” – since


are pack animals, this is how they’ll relate to you.

Leader of the Pack - YOU and Your Dog

Dogs Are Pack Animals

This book is Resource #1. I liked that it is written by a PhD; she has other good books on dogs as well.

Resource #2  is another book written by Patricia McConnell called Beginning Family Dog Training.

It is rated highly (5Stars) by all reviewers.   Well, they must’ve liked it!  To see their reviews view this

Resource #3:  A  Free pdf –  “The Perfect Handbook for Imperfect Dog Owners” – a primer all about caring for the new family pet

Resource #4:  A website loaded with ideas:  exercising your dog, curbing aggression in a dog, kids & dogs, fun things to do with your dog, integrating a new dog, Dog laws and ordinances, safety in hot weather, and feeding your dog.  It is HERE

Resource #5:  How to Select a Dog – Find OUT which type of dog is suitable  (Video)

Resource #6:  Choosing a Low-Allergy Dog (Youtube Video)

Resource #7:  Pet Proofing YOUR Home Excellent Video Instruction

Resource #8:  Page of Instructional Videos on Different TYPES of Training Leashes

Resource #9:  How to Train a Dog not to Bite !

Resource #10:  An All-Around Comprehensive Website on dog selection, responsible dog ownership, dog grooming, exercising a dog, feeding a dog, dog training obedience, service dogs, adopting a rescure dog, pregnancy in dogs, dog health, older dogs,

canine behavior,

working dogs breeds and working dog training.

Note:  The referenced PDF covers a variety:  dog training obedience,dog grooming, having fun with your dog, feeding your dog, bathing your dog, health issues,pregnant dog questions, heartworm concerns, older dogs, clipping etc.


Quiz Question:  What is the biggest DOG in the world?   Answer

For More on canine behavior visit HERE

Further Insight:  Inside of a Dog (Kindle Book $9.99)

Dog Obedience Training by an Expert

Adopting a Puppy: Guidelines

Adult Dog House Training – Resource Loaded Article

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