Education Online Needs a Dictator: Why?

The ultimate reason you need a “dictator” is to keep you on track, and force you to do assignments – and even to pay attention.  I will explain a bit further about benefits to education online.


Conventional Education for the Lazy

If you are at public  school, then your instructors will be the dictators.  They set all the guidelines.  They tell you when something is due, and how to do it.  And  they’ll watch for areas which need improving, and give you feedback.

Yes, you’ll be closely monitored and spoon-fed.  You will sit and listen, because there is nothing else to do.

And unless you are afraid of getting labeled as a “Teacher’s Pet“, you may even participate in the classroom.  This is where education online differs.


My Experience with Home Schooling

My father organized a room in the house for my home schooling.   All supplies were in this room (including a small library of books), and there were no distractions.  I sat and did my work until I was finished.

Boredom is an issue for many students , and I was no different.  I could easily get distracted.  So I invented a way to memorize vocabulary (making it more like a game) , and learned several languages along the way.

You can do this, too.  Come up with methods to make a subject more fun.  Set goalslook well out into the future and tantalize yourself.  Here’s an  example:  Learning foreign languages – there’s a reason for learning foreign languages, which is travel .

Travel is fun, so set up a world map and pinpoint (with map pins) places you wish to go.   Then as you learn the specific language, you’ll get excited because you’ll have a travel destination in mind.

Now education online is really cooking – see how fantastic it can be!

If you just will have the right approach (read “Right Attitude”) then you likely won’t get distracted.  You’ll have goals, and will find Satisfaction when you accomplish them.  



Education Online Requires a Dictator

Its a dirty job, someone is going to have to do it.  If a parent is present, it will likely be him or her.  Or, it may be you if you’re in high school and learning at home.

You’ll have to be strict, and set rules for yourself.  Such as not answering your cell phone during certain hours.   And not going out to parties on nights before big exams.


Stay Motivated – Things You Can Do


There are some more things you can do to “keep your head in the game” – to stay focused.   Online there are education forums, and you could help people with whatever topic is your strong point.

Answer questions.   This way, you can help others, and also have some fun at the same time.  (You can choose which queries interest you the most, so that you aren’t bored)

Side benefit:  if you do this in an area that you’re not as knowledgeable in, you may become stronger by reading other experts’ feedback, and even asking a couple of questions yourself


The End Result to Learning Online

When you’re a dictator and strict with your online learning, you can take a course and complete it in a percentage of the time it’d take at college, or public school.  Then you have more time for other pursuits.

I used to become frustrated with the pace of learning in public school.  Now the world, with education online, is a far more fascinating place for me.  It can be for you, too.


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