Homeschooling History:  A List of Virtual Field Trip Ideas

The source is Youtube.  I have taken time to look at all of these Abraham Lincoln videos, and Civil War pieces.  They are pretty high quality.

I’ve chosen some videos for you.  Be sure to notice the last link (#7), watch it and then see The True Virtual tour Part 2

and The True Virtual Tour  Part 3 .  I hope you enjoy these

Abraham Lincoln educational videos –


  1. The Underground Railroad – A Documentary
  2.  Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
  3. Behind the Scenes at the National Museum of American HistoryArtifacts as follows:  Gold watch, stovepipe hat, a patent belonging to Lincoln, an inkwell, the last cup ever used by Abraham Lincoln…
  4. The RAID on Harper’s Ferry – John Brown
  5. Lincoln’s HOUSE – a cute 2 minute video.  Did you know you can tour Lincoln’s residence for FREE?
  6. Visit Abe Lincolns Boyhood Home
  7. TRUE Virtual Tour by tour guide, of Abraham Lincoln‘s House in Springfield :   Part One

Further VIDEOS:   The True Virtual Tour Part Two   The True Virtual Tour:  Part Three

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