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Before I get on with next week’s meal plan, I wanted to introduce the 30 day meal plan!  This project took much longer than I anticipated, however, I’m happy with the result.

The meal plan is $7.  Part of the profits are flagged for buying healthy, local food for our food bank.  Many of the recipes you will already find by clicking around for free on this site.  However there are about 20-30 new recipes.  To purchase, or for more details, visit 30-day-Meal-Plan.

This week’s meal plan (with Toddlers in mind!)

Baby Bear’s Big Breakfast Oatmeal with bananas and milkChicken, corn and Pineapple Pizza (no associated recipe, just chicken, corn and pineapple pizza :) )Popeye pork with roasted potatoesCinnamon raisin French toast (regular  French toast with cinnamon raisin bread)Easy Peasy Lasanga
(Lasanga with peas)Baby Vegetable and chicken stir fryShark Soup (shape parsnips to look like shark jaws and float them on top of soupPomegranate and blueberry smoothiesStar Sandwiches (cookie cutter) with melonPineapple Sundaes (crushed pineapple sprinkled with granola)

*Cute titles came from the cookbook, Good Food For Kids, By Penny Stanway .

For pdf archives of old recipes, visit our healthy meal plan page.

Go see Part 2 of Annett’s interview with me!

Looking ahead:  Monday-GIVEAWAY!!

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