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Homeschooling vs Public Schooling – In regard to homeschooling vs public schooling, people today have varying opinions as to what the correct method for homeschooling is.  There are many different types of homeschooling approaches, as evidenced in this article on homeschooling .  And this is as it should be..

Okay, we know this much:

There are a variety of techniques which might be applied in the area of homeschooling. Yet you need to make a study and determine which homeschool style is best for your child.   This is likely the MOST important decision you’ll ever make (or 1 of the  MOST important), as it will have an impact on your child for many years ahead.

Do not rush this decision.  You need to determine  homeschooling curriculum, and style of teaching.  A really good place to begin your research is Donna Young,  as she happens to be an authority.

Also, check out her homeschooling portfolio section.  She has many printable items, and resources.

Additionally, you may want to ensure your kids eat right, so that they can study better, and LISTEN well during classroom hours.  Studies indicate that food with Omega 3  is really helpful to the brain (among other things).

For Heathy Eating guides information, visit the link in this sentence


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Are Eating Disorders Encouraged By Pro Ana Internet sites? The web can be a dangerous place – Many young girls may be exposed to Pro ana websites which are simply not good for their outlook –  these websites sometimes evade parents’ notice, and they encourage  impressionable, younger girls to indulge in unhealthy practices…

Most parents would assume that identity theft, or predators, are the danger.  Yet…


what does tonsil do ?

Do you want to know what your choices are for treating tonsil stones, and finally get rid of this dreadful condition?  READ more:

The issue with tonsil stones is that the symptoms can get so…


Child Abandonment –         

Things Crucial to a Child – Is  Child Abandonment an issue in Your Household?  Get this – As a child  I was very  sensitive.   My parents tried really hard.  However, the  issues  my parents either ignored, or failed to realize were IMPORTANT to me (like recognizing school achievement, for ex.) affected me adversely.

If one of them failed to realized I was feeling sensitive about something – like not receiving accolades for my straight A’s by going out to celebrate, then the moment was missed.  As a parent, sometimes you have to “Slow down” enough to be able to receive an insight about your kid.

Your antennae have to be up.  You cannot just always “focus in” on paperwork, or household chores & duties; at times, you’ll have to FORCE yourself to tune in to your children.  Maybe go for a hike together – somewhere peaceful, with running streams, where you can hear yourselves think !  Then you’ll be able to CONNECT.

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