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teens cordyceps         Cordyceps-Sinensis-product

Cordyceps Sinensis – The thing with this herb is.. it helps your heart AND your immune system.  These amazing Chinese Medicinal Herbs do work wonders, I have found.


So long as you get a strong, effective cordyceps – I use Absorb myself.  Obviously you can check reviews on amazon.

These are actually mushrooms; you can read more here ..


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cordyceps sinensis for children

Cordyceps Sinensis – The Benefits are many. From bolstering a child’s immune system to anemia, coughs & respiratory disorders to kidney disorders and improved liver function..

Even athletic performance can supposedly be enhanced .

Still you should do careful research, as your child’s health is at stake.  If you’d like to read some Amazon reviews made by parents who’ve purchased “Absorb Cordyceps“, VISIT The link herein ..



are kids with good imagination healthy

“Happy Time Playground” is from Author Sunil Kashikar .

Children Have a Sense of Wonder That Leads To Expression and Creativity Almost every child is born with…


simple what things u need for college


College Checklist – While asking Questions is a good thing to do when checking the ground rules for your college, you might want to check online in Forums (educational).

*You can just type in the name of the university/college, and add the word “review” or “reviews” & see what other attendees have experienced.


You can also go to the appropriate college website for a check of the Rules.  If you wish to consider what things (possessions) you will need for college, I have a nice article on that – it’s a compilation, and you can find it here


   Another great tool is:



For the Healthy Eating Guides, go here

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