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Healthy Children/Kids Lifestyle Topics: An overview of young children’s wellness problems, such as Autism, Autism Studies, Kids Obesity, Kids Lupus plus Healthy Eating GUIDES , Yoga for Children, Teen Obesity/Teen Weight, Diet for Kids, Meal Prep Infant Health,  Kids Vitamins, Baby SLEEP, Toddler SLEEP Issues, Restful Sleep

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kids online safety

Featured:  Kids ONLINE Safety Links – Herein you will find a List of helpful links to shield your children from danger on the web.


yoga for kids

Enjoyable Yoga Exercises for Kids — Yoga has been around for centuries.  It certainly has proven its worth over the years. It was supplied to us originally by the Hindi group, whose aim is to help us.  If you would like to become enlightened and develop more of a “center” (calm center) READ my HealthyKids post on Yoga .


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becoming a healthy eater

Healthy Eating Guides:  It is critical to investigate your own personal situation & develop a plan.  Don’t be shy; there are so many online programs with supportive members, chat & great support via email these days !

Our Healthy Eating guides really are quite extensive.  You could get lost in that section of our website (Ha!)   –  Enjoy.

Jan Ashby of HealthyKids Staff

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