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Field trips can be enjoyable, and a provocative experience for youngsters, as well as providing knowledge and  invoking curiousity in your student!  Do as many field trips as you can, and ALWAYS seek input from your student on what he’s interested in.  Have your child choose two (2) homeschooling field trips, in case one turns out not to be feasible.



public education vs home schooling

Homeschooling vs PUBLIC EDUCATION  – A lot of parents are concerned that their kids cannot get a high quality in-depth education at public school.   And that is not the only thing …

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Toddler Behavior       

Items Important to a Youngster – Is Child Abandonment a Problem?   Get this As a child,  I was  extremely  sensitive.   The factors  my parents


HEALTHY EATING GUIDES are one of the major features here at HealthyKids Info Just For U– there are a Total of seventeen (17) guides in all.  Included are “Healthy Eating in Airports”, “Healthy Eating on The Go”, “Healthy Eating on a BUDGET”, “Healthy Eating Benefits for Children”, Healthy Eating:  Nutritional Guidelines”, “Changing How you Eat”, Healthy Eating on Vacation,  Healthy Eating Guide: Fast Facts on PotatoesHealthy Eating Guide: StressorsHealthy Eating Guide: Eat Healthy When Dining OUT , Healthy Eating Guide: Hawthorn & Garlic.

Also:  Healthy Eating for StudentsHealthy Eating Guide For Everyone:  Smart Breakfast Ideas,

Healthy Eating Guide :   Tips on Becoming a Healthy Eater
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