How To Save Your Marriage: Stopping Divorce Early Provides Better Chance

If you desire to stop divorce, you have to persuade the person that wants to divorce you to give the relationship another try. A divorce can be stopped at nearly any stage—before it’s filed, or just before the final paperwork.  In determining

how to save your marriage

you should know that the earlier you stop a divorce, the more promising it is that the divorce won’t be restarted — at least not anytime soon.

So in

stopping a divorce

you must convince the person to give the relationship another chance. If you have been begging the other person to give you another chance, or pleading with them, stop now. This might appear harmful, as if now that the person has less resistance it will make it all the easier for them to divorce you. But your pleading in all likelihood wasn’t doing anything but convincing them to go through with a divorce anyway. Who wishes to be around someone who is acting this way?

If you can act more mature and behave pleasantly, it might astonish the other person and help

stop the divorce

State your case — that you genuinely don’t desire a divorce, and you would like another chance  (be calm). The person already knows this so no point in carrying on!  Just communicate that you’re suffering and very sorrowful, and you really desire another opportunity. You may be stunned at the other person’s reaction when you change your demeanor.

You also can show a more adult aspect of yourself –one that the other person might not have seen over the last several weeks — and propose marital counseling. Counseling has worked for million of couples, so your relationship could gain from it, too. If you can get the other person to consent to couples counseling, then this provides you with precious time to

stop the divorce

before they can finalize the divorce proceedings.

Stopping The Divorce Temporarily

During counseling, you’ll have the ability to show the person why they fell in love with you. You can inform them why you’re united in the first place. And if you can show sincere effort in wanting to deal with the problems that come up during the counseling—and some probably will—this might be enough to persuade the other person on

stopping the divorce

temporarily, and hopefully for good.

When you come through and stop the divorce, you must recall that the person was about to divorce you and it would be easy enough for him or her to turnabout & file for divorce later. Having already thought about divorce (and maybe even having gone so far as to file for divorce at one time) makes the choice to file far more easier. So be aware of this, and perhaps continue to work on your relationship through counseling.   It’s easy enough to stop divorce temporarily; yet to maintain a great relationship over the long haul requires some work.

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