Chapter 7 – Heavy Metals and Vaccines

In this world we live in today, there can be many threats to our children’s health.  There are environmental hazards, which threaten to harm.  And even our own medical doctors are not to be blindly trusted  Though some research disclaims that autism can spring from the use of vaccines, doctors belonging to the American Academy of Pediatrics have found enough cause for concern that they issued a statement about nine years ago that goes against this research. The statement of concern was about thimerosal, a preservative that is used in vaccines and, believe it or not, contains mercury. This is a real concern for families, for it has been proven that mercury is very toxic and toxic metals can cause neurological and motor functions to misfire, thus creating some pretty severe disorders in children and adults.

Not only does mercury cause motor and neurological disorders, it can also affect the immune system and cause behavior dysfunctions. So what happens if you or your child is vaccinated with a vaccine that contains thimerosal? Could a little of each disorder come into the child and affect him or her in such a way that autism is diagnosed? Examine the symptoms of autism, and then surmise the multiple disabilities and disorders mercury can create. This perhaps can explain the wide range of disabilities from mild to severe in an autistic child.

Even the Food and Drug Administration stated that some infants, depending on how much thimerosal was in the vaccine and how long between each vaccine, may be exposed to high levels of ethyl mercury. This difference in dosage and time between dosages is another clue to the severity or mildness that autistic children suffer. It only makes sense that if a child has had a large dosage of ethyl mercury and has those dosages close together, especially in the early development of the body and brain, that the child would have more severity in their autism symptoms than a child who has had less mercury administered to them.

If you compare the symptoms of mercury poisoned children with the symptoms of autistic children, the similarities are amazingly close. So what comes first, the mercury or the autism? The statistics alone are enough to warrant caution, just because they state that autism has been counted to have alarming increases since the early 1990s. As the vaccines given to infants to prevent hepatitis B and HIB in children increased last decade, so has the incidents of children being diagnosed with autism. Not only is this curious, but the correlation of vaccines to autism is almost exponential.

This seems like enough evidence to warrant an investigation into the link of mercury preservatives in vaccines, and the amazing amount of autistic and mercury poisoned children that have been diagnosed. Parents of vaccinated children are seeing their once intelligent, bright, and socially normal child turn into a child that is wrought with fevers, night terrors, and severe behavior disorders that can be closely linked to some behaviors associated with autistic children. Even polio and chicken pox vaccines are suspect at causing autistic type symptoms, and parents and doctors are beginning to question the practice.

The manufacturers of mercury-based vaccines have refused to provide research about the link between mercury and autism and have declined to prove any evidence that correlation does not exist. If you have an autistic child, look at their vaccination records. If you see a vaccine that might contain ethyl mercury, contact the Center for Disease Control to spur government agencies to fund more research and test heavy metals exposure.

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