It’s important for a mom to get a good workout. I see
my neighbor out with her little Emma all the time. She
seems to actually enjoy the fresh air.

Jogger Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360

Mom likes to wear a headset and listen to her favorite

tunes. I’ve seen the mom break the jogger stroller down

and put both it and the infant in the car.

These jogger strollers look fairly sturdy and must be handy

for an active mom. I’ve often wondered, though, what a mom

does if she has triplets..?

Fast forward a month. Today I actually saw a special type of

stroller which featured a platform behind the front seat

for an older sibling to stand.

How neat is that? Versatility personified. These flexible

jogger strollers are certainly useful.

Today’s moms have it good. And if they are joggers,

as my neighbor Pamela is, they probably appreciate how doggone

adaptable the units are.

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