College Checklist: Asking Questions is Good

You will want to be prepared. So go to the appropriate college website, for a quick check of the Rules. But also, consider these

things you may need for college:

  1. Speak to your roommate ahead of time.   This can avoid ticklish situations later. See Helpful Slideshow
  2. Get Organized – Print out the rules from your college’s website & take with you when you do your shopping.
  3. Consult with an Interior Design expert – since you’re going t/b short on space it IS a good idea – SEE Video
  4. 5 Dorm Room Essentials – Watch 1 Minute Video HERE

    Koolatron KWC-4 6 Can Mini-Frig-B000JLNBW4

    Cute Coca Cola Mini-frig

  5. 4 Minute Long Video on Organizing: Emphasis  on Desk Area Organization, Shelving & Closet Organizing
  6. College Checklist: Video on Closets –  a College Packing List for girls (*Emphasis on Shoe Racks, Clothes etc
  7. College Packing List for Girls: 2  Takes  on  the SAME Subject – 1) Chloe’s Tips   AND  2) Bri’s  10 Suggestions
  8. At College You’ll Need Your eReader 
  9. You’ll Need Space!  So don’t pack silly stuff Consult these videos I’ve posted – Enjoy!


Heading to College

I’d like to point out that heading off to college is a RARE event – a chance to learn new things and meet new people.  And keep in mind that (if you’re a guy) you’ll want to make a good first impression on the girls!  Conversely if you’re female & are reading this, well, girls like to be organized with their closets and their apparel – it makes it easier to “accessorize”!

In the end, whether you are a guy or a girl, it will be ultimately helpful to your studies  and grades to be organized. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Top 10 Necessities – Here is a Bed Bath &Beyond

College CHECKLIST For You   –> This video is good (she speaks really fast):


In essence, if you take time to get acclimated to your college’s rules & guidelines – plus go over some of the videos here which contain Things You Need for College, you should be in great shape.

Simply pack as light as you can, & try to change things out when you go home to visit.

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