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Teen Parents

Being a teen is hard enough in this day and age, they are bombarded with media and advertising from every direction. Yes,

pregnant teens

have a remarkably hard time.

Granted, they performed the deed and more likely than not, they were completely aware of the ramifications – but even adult women have a hard time adjusting to pregnancy, parenting, and the balancing act they now need to execute. So it makes sense that a young teenager preparing to become a

teen parent

would need a little extra support to help them adjust to all of the new changes and responsibilities they are fixing to take on.

Teen Parenting: Challenges

Pregnant teens

face more challenges than adult pregnant women. They are still attempting to finish school and learning how to get and keep a job, as well as budget their finances. This is a time in their lives when they could be going to parties and football games, instead they are going to doctor appointments and baby shopping.

Then the public really puts the icing on the cake, and labels teen parents as bad parents, incapable of making the right decisions, and correctly caring for a child. Now how cruel is that?

The Teen Parent:  Abilities

If you contemplate it, I’m sure there are several people you associate with that were teen parents themselves. Perhaps some of your co-workers;  I would even venture to say, chances are favorable that you have even met their kids at the company picnic, or the yearly Christmas party.

Are they good kids? Are they clean and appropriately dressed? Do the parents interact well with the children? These are people that you know now, but did not know back when they were pregnant teens.  Because you know them now, you would never think of questioning their parenting; you’ve seen their children and they are terrific kids.  What would you have said though, had you known them back then? Would you have criticized them too?

Teen Parents:  Motivated & Positive

I can tell you from experience that even though it may not be easy, pregnant teens can be great parents. Teen parents can be some of the most highly motivated individuals you meet. They are still young enough to recollect how they were brought up, and can be very good at taking the good and leaving the negative. Teen parents can sometimes be better at playing with their kids.  They still like the cartoon movies and teaching them to play.

Teen Parenting:  Family Member Support

Pregnant teens will benefit considerably from a solid support system. If they know that their friends and family are there for them, they will be able to flourish.  If they are deprived of the sun and rain (i.e., supportive family members), then they will fade away.

These kids are not to blame for society’s troubles like some people would like to think. To those individuals I say this, flip the coin and lay the blame on yourself for not being better and more pro-active parents. When we stop parenting is when society suffers.  To all of the pregnant teenagers and teen parents out there I say this: keep your chin up and don’t let others pull you down, instead take pride in proving them wrong.

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