Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

In regard to homeschooling vs public schooling, people have varying opinions as to what the correct approach for home schooling  is.  And this is as it should be; they are your children, and you ought to have very distinct ideas about their education and improvement.

Many parents will choose formal education, or  should I say “education offered in a public or private education setting”.

Homeschooling vs Public Schooling Issues

However, some of you genuinely want to make an impact on your children’s lives, and begin to look at the option of home schooling some parents do not approve of the job the school is doing, or don’t feel the curriculum of  the school system is “up to par” –  or are  just against the idea of formalized education.

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Perhaps you are interested in home schooling your child, and decided on it already. You have your own reasons, and educational goals & objectives. Yet just as selecting a school for your child to attend a private school is a big decision, so too is the decision to home school. 

Home Schooling:  Are You Ready for This?

This will entail you relating to your child on a whole new level — a more professional one, at times.  For you would be his teacher now.  While it is true you’ll be able to tailor  a curriculum that is more individually suited to your child, you also have to be ready for the responsibilities and be able to have a respectful relationship (Remember, respect goes BOTH ways).

It is maybe for this reason the state lays down some guidelines, before you are able to proceed with home schooling . It is a good idea to consider these guidelines, because then your state can assist you through the process, and may make it easier.  I’ll explain:

Most of the U.S.  states do require (at a minimum)  you notify the state of your intention to home  school your child.   There are a couple of states  (including Texas, Alaska, Missouri, Illinois, and Oklahoma, e.g.) that allow you to just go ahead.

Home Schooling Program: How To Proceed

You’re likely aware that you may have to get approval from your home state.  And if your kid has attended a public school already, then you need to get all his records (grades, etc.)

There is a mandated curriculum you may have to follow — depending on what state you live in.  Now, of course you can choose additional subjects for your child – I am referring to basic minimum requirements by the state.  You can check on States here.

*Note:  You will likely have to be accredited, too, & there may be a  home visit required as well.   Check on your home state.

Home Schooling:  Attendance Records & Test Scores

Eventually, you might have to submit attendance records (states might require a minimum number of ‘school’ days for home school),  and Test scores.

It is essential that you do due diligence, and find out what your Home state’s  requirements are for home schooling.   After you home school your child, you want to know that the education and attendance will be recognized by the state.

Without proper approval, your home schooling efforts may be disregarded.  This could be bad, if your child wishes to attend college, or university

Home Schooling:  Guidebooks

Your  state may be providing  you with various forms and guidebooks.    Now, here is an example of a

homeschooling curriculum guide

provided by a school in California.  Also, you can ask the school for  information on the activities, and sports schedule of the school (on behalf of your student).  *Tip:  You may want to arrange your older children’s home schooling schedule so it can coincide with school events

This assistance may prove valuable to you, especially if you are home schooling for the first time. Also, by ascertaining all the minimum requirements, you’ll be able to provide the state all required docs  (you have to do).

In this way, you are also assured that Homeschooling your child is at par level with any other child enrolled in a regular school setting. Also, by approaching your local education authorities you may ask about the college application process of home schoolers.

In addition, you may be able to find out about scholarships.


Final Synopsis:  Homeschooling vs Public Schooling

While home schooling may cause more of a burden, both financially and in the cost of your time, there are so many boons/benefits to Homeschooling.  Perhaps you can do a good analysis of Pros & Cons here; it’s a pretty decent article about private schooling pros/cons.  And here’s the article for homeschool vs public schooling

5 Advantages of HOMESCHOOLING

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