Asperger’s Syndrome Behavior

Aspergers is a condition which falls in the autism spectrum.   It is considered an

autism spectrum disorder

Dustin Hoffman’s performance of an autistic individual in the movie, Rain Man, touched me. His character Raymond (a.k.a. Rain Man) Babbitt, is an autistic individual who operates at a pretty high level (similar to high functioning aspergers individuals) .   You could say he is “autistic  savant”, as he has high mathematical skills.  You’ll see this, if you view the movie.

Asperger’s Syndrome –  Videos:   Hope For Autism &
Asperger’s Syndrome:  My Story   

1. Taylor Morris (at age 2) was given an “autistic diagnosis“.  She could not speak or communicate with her parents.  She had to receive special instruction.  She lived in her own world; explore it here

2. Taylor Morris (“My Life in Pictures”) –  See Further Facts on this Remarkable Girl,  who thankfully received intervention early on

3.  Taylor Morris – My Other World Part 1 –  More details on Aspergers and girls

4.  Taylor Morris – My Other World Part 2

Important to Note:   This young person was helped by an adjustment in her diet.  So nutrition can play an essential role in toddlers or infants with

Aspergers Syndrome!

Additional VIDEOS: Aspergers Autism –  an autobiographical Journey

Videos from Willow Marsden, a teenaged girl with Aspergers (UK):

1) Answering Questions  Part 1

2) Answering Questions Part 2

3)  Aspergers  and  Girls – an introduction


1) From the National Institute of Neurological Disorders (  – Aspergers  SyndromeFact Sheet by a PR5 (high page rank) authority site

2) From a Teacher-Oriented Website/Forum Discussion on Aspergers children: Asperger Syndrome Behavior Management

3) Ezine Article on Asperger Syndrome Behavior – By Rachel Skinner, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst

4) Definition of Aspergers Syndrome from Wiki

5) Aspergers AutismDefinition and Classification

6 )Aspergers Autism
–  Definition and Characteristics of Aspergers (from

7) Aspergers Symptoms in Adults (Also visit here )

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