At Home Schooling: Advantages are Flexible Schedule, Autonomy & More

What are some advantages of “at home schooling” (a.k.a. homeschooling), when compared against public school? One thing to consider are the advantages of independence. That is, you as a parent have more input! You experience greater control.

For instance, if you want to make sure that your child is a responsible, independent person by the time he is in his teens then you can do it. Because today’s teen faces more pressure at school (Public School), it may be a wise idea to look into homeschooling.

Learning Works - a 5 Star Rated Manual for HomeschoolersHome Schooling – Intimacy and Autonomy

Another thing supplied you through at home schooling is the opportunity to be more intimate with your children. A certain autonomy can be achieved. Autonomy is described thusly:


At businessdictionary .com, autonomy is:

“A degree or level of freedom & discretion allowed to an employee

The definition:

Not controlled by others or by outside forces; independent

How To Homeschool: Homeschool Daily Schedule

Through soundhomeschool planning, you can determine what your homeschool daily schedule ought to be. Do a mock performance of this – i.e., actually TRY out a particular schedule, break included, and record the result. You’ll probably want to test several schedules, and see which 1 fits your family the best.

You will want to get input from your kids (regarding which subjects they want to study in the a.m. & what subjects during the p.m., when they’d like their breaks, etc.), so you can come up with a workable plan.

And if you make a study of it first, this will help. Go to websites on the subject of home schooling, and begin your own journal or diary. Make notes.

Homeschool Record Keeping: Difficult?

This is a matter of opinion. Actually, if you just organize yourself well, you’ll do fine. It’s almost like you’re back in school again. It can be fun to help your kids learn. And you certainly will get to spend more time with them – doing special activities together while you educate (including homeschooling field trips), having luncheon together..

*Note: Excellent Resource on Homeschool Record Keeping

Home Schooling: Your Attitude Makes It or Breaks It

As the parent, you should give the whole matter of home schooling a “good think“. You know, order some good books on the subject, make some notes in a journal (for future reference prior to making your decision), meditate on things.

Sleep on it, so to speak. You probably don’t want to consult friends, as their preferences and ideas on the topic of home schooling may only serve to confuse you. No, I would think that you want to make a sound decision based on your morals and ideals, not other peoples.

There are certainly some excellent websites to consult with – such as, and which cover homeschooling tips & trends, home schooling with siblings, and compares home schooling vs online schools, public school vs home schooling, & touches on Homeschooling Encouragement too.

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Guess What: More Benefits of Homeschooling

1. Flexible Schedule

Homeschooling entails having a more flexible schedule. Your child need not wake up at 7 a.m. And he (or she) can have the flexibility to stay up a bit later, as well. Indeed, once you homeschool, your kids can begin at 9am or 9:30 am (or later) depending on your preference. And you can use the materials and resources you choose.

Won’t it be nice to simply tailor your homeschool curriculum to suit the interests of your child?

2. Specialized Attention

It is so often crowded in public school settings. Your child cannot get the attention he so richly deserves. Now you can change all that. Isn’t it nice? You can find out more about what your student/child is truly keen on. Therefore, you’ll be able to fulfill some of his inner longings. Focus on this! Look into it – there’s an excellent website ( that explores all kinds of topics/subjects of interest – I love their art section.

Homeschooling: Another Advantage

Thus, through homeschooling, not only can your child get plenty of attention – but it will DEFINITELY be of the more “positive” variety. That is, whereas a teacher (toward the end of her day) may be less than patient with your child, you will likely be more interested in your child, and more positive. And you’ll pick up on key insights about your child that a public teacher would not.

Your child’s homeschool schedule can be adjusted to cater for that. For example, if your child is better at science than at mathematics, simply devote more homeschooling hours to mathematics and cut back on science. With homeschooling, the choice is yours. This is something which traditional schools can’t do.

3. Family Activity

Now, with home schooling, your child can become more integrated with the family & the family activities. He or she can explore more; and you can encourage him (or her) to focus in more on topics of interest. For example, if Johnny has a key interest in art, you’ll be able to schedule homeschooling field trips accordingly.

Of course, Homeschooling Socialization is still essential; it is important to see to it that your student gets to meet up with other students – whether it’s for an outing, a school dance or sporting event – make it possible.

And if your child has a keen interest in science, you can locate exhibits for him. Get creative. There are many online clubs your child can look into.

But the bonus for you is more time with your kid(s). More time for bonding. More time for being spontaneous, and learning key parts of one another’s personalities.  Plus your child is free from the usual peer pressure.

4. No peer pressure

With homeschooling, the child does not need to prove his/her abilities to other children. Parents are able to deeply understand their child better with homeschooling and therefore are able to plan the learning program according to his strengths and weakness.

Parents can also change the curriculum to suit the learning style of the child. For example, some children learn better from reading while others need to write. Some children even learn better from experiencing or seeing things in action.

5. Religion Learning

You can choose to include this in the homeschool schedule, or not. At least you’ll have a choice. With home schooling, the parents can impart their ideologies and morals to their own children as they see fit.

Homeschooling has many advantages. And there are so many homeschooling support groups – in virtually every town and community. So check it out. You likely won’t be sorry you did.

FINAL NOTE: Here’s a gal’s story of how she used homeschooling to earn herself a Master’s Degree:

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