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Wholesome Kids Lifestyle Topics – Here at HealthyKids, we provide an extensive overview of children’s topics- we cover Autism/Aspergers, kids obesity, Teen obesity, Infant Health, Infant Sleep Issues, Gripe Water for Newborns,  NURSERY Room Decor, Toddler Sleep Issues, and Help Sleeping Advice for youngsters & teens.
Additionally for teens, we’ve a Section on TEEN Weight & also Healthy Eating on the Go
Also, here’s a post on white noise machines, and how helpful they can be..

Healthy Eating Guide

Healthy Eating

We have Healthy Eating GUIDES, Kids Workout, Martial arts for kids, Diet plan for Children, Meal Prep, Toddler Learning/Toddler Reading, Kids Vitamins Alternative Medicine, Healthy Habits, Kids ImaginationKids Online Safety, Tonsil Stones.  Also Toddler Play

Here is our special article on Children’s Nutrition Guidelines – I am proud of this one.

Here’s a good sound resource from on Toddlers Sleep & Kids SLEEP.   For the topic of Divorce and

children, visit our Kids & Divorce post



Homeschooling Teens – As a Parent, there are some things you need to know going in.  For instance, once you take on this task of homeschooling, you need to be professional.  And structuring  the School year properly will be important to do.  Ea. state has its own set of guidelines, and requirements.

There’s a good article on STATE rules here.   Once you’ll need to look at some resources – here at HealthyKids, we’ve a listing of resources for you.  Then there is homeschooling  field trips (an article here at HealthyKids),  homeschooling recordkeeping, plus homeschool support groups



baby feeding schedule – Here’s our article on Baby Feeding Schedule


Then, too, is one geared for the six month old :

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