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Homeschooling a Preschooler

Homeschooling a Preschooler  – We have an excellent article on home schooling a Preschooler  –  SEE IT HERE

Home School Ideas: Sometimes, parents can come up with some ingenious ideas, if they consult with their kids!  When it’s time to plan out a Homeschooling field trip, be sure to consult with your child

– get input on what interests him. Get very specific – for example, in the subject of History what era fascinates your son or daughter? Is it the age of Romans?  Or perhaps he is interested in how Hannibal conducted warfare, and the routes he travelled?  Or maybe he is interested in Geology AND History – for example, he may be interested in Volcanoes and when they erupted & how it affected things..

Perhaps you live near a museum; you can get on their subscription list (or email list), in order to be notified of what particular exhibits will be shown in an upcoming month.  Then, you’ll be able to find something your student is specifically interested in, and excited about!

There are many important aspects of home schooling, such as Home School Recordkeeping (essential to have and

keep RECORDS on each of your students!


how a teenage boy can lose weight          

Obesity in Teens – Teen Boys Struggling With Obesity – Children and Weight Loss – we’ve an entire section for teens, including Kids Exercise and KIDS WORKOUT, & also a section on TEEN OBesity.

If your teen needs help and is READY for it, begin to explore the topic ..


What are Items You Need to Bring to College + healthykids info

What to Bring to College – Some Concepts for Packing for College – Currently I have both some fantastic videos on packing for college and some enlightening blog posts with excellent authority I will mix in something


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