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Homeschooling a Preschooler

Home Schooling

As you and your student go on homeschooling field trips, his horizons will EXPAND & he’ll likely become more attentive in class, and an avid reader.  You, as the Homeschool Instructor, should consult with your student in order to come up with ideas for the field trips that he will really benefit from.  Get ready for your child to become more curious, and more interested in your class !

(As your student does these homeschooling field trips, he will grow in his knowledge of a particular subject, and it will only serve to encourage his desire to EXPLORE the subject – you can find different ways to do this, by finding related online courses, or exercises, for him to do.

Homeschooling:  Flexibility in Scheduling

Develop a Lesson Plan for it, and then perform good recordkeeping – have a homeschooling portfolio.   Then, both you and your child will enjoy the teaching experience all the more, and can LOOK Back on this wonderful learning experience.


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