Hi Everyone.   I’ve made up a list of links regarding kids vitamins/ multivitamin (news, blogs, websites, videos and articles on the subject).

I myself take vitamins & believe in the benefits of fish oil.  Of course, the dosage is important.  Read the labels carefully.  For example, the cod liver oil dosage is 4 softgels on the Amazon product Nordic Naturals Childrens dha.

Idea:  Sit down with your child, or children, & together make up a healthy snacks list.

Kids Vitamins Resource List:

  1. Do You Give Your Children Vitamins? – article by Rosie Scribble
  2. Clifford The Big Red Dog Gummy Vitamins – PRWeb.com article on kids vitamins
  3. Vitamin Fortification Prevalence in Bakery Products for Kids – by PRNewswire
  4. Childrens Cod Liver – It is a norwegian tradition that kids begin on a regimen of cod liver oil by the time they’re 1 year old (due to the good natural fatty acids).  You may read a review here.
  5. 4 Fun fruits which contain flavonoids and vitamins –
  • Kiwi – these contain vitamins and flavonoids which can benefit your child (high amounts of Vitamin C, A and E.  And they boost the immune system, and make blood vessels stronger.
  • Grapes – these are something your children already like, and contain vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and antioxidants.
  • Apricot – This juicy fruit has fiber and is full of minerals (iron, zinc & calcium).  Fiber is essential to your child’s digestive health.
  • Canteloupe –  Help your child learn his/her A,B,C’s with this fun fruit. That is because canteloupe has Vitamin A, B & C ! It also contains many B vitamins like vitamin B6, folate, and niacin, which aid in energy production and the processing of carbohydrates and maintaining of metabolism.

Fun Ways for Kids to Get Their Vitamins (Recommendation)

Do your kids put up a fuss when you try to supply them what they need, by cooking for them?  Well, you could try Nordic Naturals fruit-flavored Omega 3 products & Nordic Naturals Nordic Berries.  The nordic berries

Kids Chewable Vitamins:  Gummie Form

Kids Chewable Vitamins: Gummie Form

provide a good dose of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.   These are cloudberries in a gummy bear form, and have a delicious taste.

(*Note: They are pectic-based & have no gelatin or additives)

Amazon Reviews:  A Quick Glance

Here I provide you a quick glance at Nordic Naturals – e.g., some prenatal vitamins in addition to kids vitamins

Prenatal dha review Ultimate Omega Fish Oil Review (46 of 54 rated it 5 stars)

Nordic Naturals Complete Omega 3.6.9 (12 of 14 rated this 5 stars)

Nordic Naturals Omega 3 Gummy Worms

Arctic Cod Liver Oil (1000 mg. softgels)

Nordic Naturals Baby’s dha

Nordic Naturals Children’s dha, Liquid 8 oz. *Note:  The benefits of DHA for children with ADD/ADHD – See comments on Amazon review pg. by C. Merrill (SCROLL 1/2 way Down the PG)


Recommended:  Now Minerals  (240 Capsules)

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