Kids Diet: Adopt a New Philosophy to Avoid Nasty Tonsil Stones

Do you want to know what you options are for treating tonsil stones and finally get rid of this nasty and horrible condition? The problem with tonsil stones is that the symptoms can get so bad that most sufferers simply take their doctors advice and go and get their tonsils removed. This should never be the first option, going under the knife does not fix the underlying conditions that are leading to your tonsil stones. Not having tonsils means you will never get tonsil stones again but your body is trying to tell you something by creating and forming these stones.

Tonsil stones are formed because your body is protecting itself from big problems, such as infections. The tonsils are formed as a natural defense mechanism that kicks in, because something is out of balance. The stones are made up of excess mucous, dead cells, bacteria and rotting food particles. The tonsils are not always visible — even though in most cases they appear as white spots on tonsils.


Many sufferers are unaware they have the condition, as the stones can be buried under the small pockets and folds of the tonsils. The result is many sufferers experience horrendous bad breath and pain, without knowing just why it has popped up.

If this sounds like you, then you can attack it today.


What is It About Your Kids Diet?  Changes May Need to Happen


Treating tonsil stones naturally involves looking at your diet. Things such as as caffeine, nicotine, sugars and diary food can make tonsil stones worse. Because tonsil stones are calcified deposits, the calcium in dairy food can make things worse. The rotting food particles are there, as they can easily and quickly get stuck in the small pockets of the tonsils — with no way of being flushed and cleaned out on their own.  Eating close to bed time can make things worse — so you must not eat within 30 minutes before bed.

Many sufferers have tried to remove tonsil stones themselves – only to find them coming back. Many try to poke them off themselves, and while this can be achieved the underlying causes of the stones are never treated.  Result: almost all of them see their tonsil stones coming back!


This is the last thing you want to do, for the best tonsil stones treatment you must treat the problem(s) that are creating the stones — not just the symptoms.

Like I mentioned earlier, surgery should be postponed – it should be your very last option. There are many people who have successfully treated and cured tonsil stones, by using proven home remedies that can see tonsil stones eliminated in a few weeks and never return.

Living “tonsil stones free”, and banishing the horrible symptoms should be a priority and effective home remedies should be your first option.

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